Hydro Mulching: Three Crucial Tips for a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn

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If you are interested in planting grass on your residential property, you should think about using hydro mulching as your seeding technique. This method is more efficient and economical in comparison to the traditional alternative. In general, hydro mulching involves spraying a slurry or liquid mix of water, grass seeds, mulch, fertiliser and binder on prepared soil. The application of this mixture ensures the even distribution of the grass seeds, creating a uniform landscape. Also, the combination of the different growth agents promotes faster germination of the seeds. However, you should note that the results of the process can vary, depending on the planting practices. Here are the best guidelines to ensure that your hydro-mulched lawn in beautiful and healthy. 

Purchase High-Quality Soil

The type of soil on your property will determine the performance of your grass. Therefore, you should evaluate the ground and make adjustments as necessary. If you have sandy or clayey soil, you should think about purchasing quality topsoil for replacement. Sandy soil has large particles, so it does not retain moisture or hold nutrients. On the other hand, clay soil retains moisture and nutrients, but the ground becomes too hard under dry conditions. Therefore, you should replace these with clean, loamy topsoil mixed with manure or other organic matter. This material has good drainage, excellent nutrient retention and a suitable texture for grass growth.

Remove Unwanted Plants

When preparing your ground for hydro mulching, you should ensure that the soil is free from harmful weeds and unwanted plants. Typically, the hydroseeding mulching mixture is weed-free. However, it is not uncommon for weeds to start growing along with the young grass seedlings. This problem can be attributed to the presence of weeds in the ground. These unwanted plants will compete against the young turf and rob the seedlings of nutrients. Additionally, a lawn with sprouting weeds is unattractive. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a non-selective herbicide to the soil before hydro mulching. The chemical will kill both invasive weeds and unwanted plants, allowing the grass to grow freely. 

Keep the Lawn Watered

Finally, you should make sure that your ground is frequently watered after the application of the hydro mulching mixture. If the lawn does not receive sufficient water, the grass seeds will not germinate. The young seedlings will also not become established, even if they sprout. Therefore, you should follow the watering recommendations of the hydro mulching materials supplier. If possible, you should install a programmable irrigation system for optimal convenience. 


15 January 2018

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If you are interested in saving the planet, you are in the right place. It is all too easy to go through life without giving your impact on the environment a second thought. I used to be like that. However, since attending a lecture about environmental change, I have decided to do the best I can to reduce my impact on the world. I called in a company which specialises in green energy and environmental protection. They assessed my home and made some recommendations. I decided to have a solar panel and water heater installed on the roof of my property. I am really pleased with how these are performing.