What You Should Consider Before Installing Solar Panels for Power Generation

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If you are interested in solar power and installing solar panels on the roof of your home, you will need to do some research and seek professional advice.  Installing solar panels may cost as much as buying a car, which is not cheap.

Here are five issues to consider as you intend to use solar power for your home electricity.

Do not be overambitious and automatically assumed that the solar power you harness will completely sustain all your home electricity needs. You could still install a grid power supply to turn to when the electricity generated by solar panels is not sufficient. Bear in mind that you can rely on more solar power than the grid depending on the efficiency of your system and the amount of electricity consumed in your home. 

Only consult with accredited installers to set up your power system. These professionals are well versed in government regulations and will ensure your installations comply with set standards. Get references to find a qualified installer, and check out their experience.   

Check with your state or territory government to see if you qualify for any rebates and subsidies for the produced power. You could even sell excess power back ot the government in some states and territories. Thus, installing solar panels will not only save you costs in the long run but also generate you some income. 

Consider the space of your roof that is exposed to direct sunlight.  If your roof is under shade for the best part of a sunny day, you do not want to install solar panels in that area or maybe not at all. The amount of electricity that will be generated by solar panels placed on a shaded roof will be insignificant and likely not worth producing. 

Your roof must also be structurally stable.  If you plan to renovate it in a few years, you would be better off making the necessary renovations before installing the solar panels. Keep in mind that the lifetime of most solar power installations is about 25 years.   

Consider other factors including the type of solar panels you install and the size of your system. You do not need to shy away from investing in solar panels when you realise you need a bigger system. Accredited installers will advise you on the ideal solar panels for your location and offer you helpful advice on reducing the cost of the system you install.


26 January 2018

Thinking About The Environment

If you are interested in saving the planet, you are in the right place. It is all too easy to go through life without giving your impact on the environment a second thought. I used to be like that. However, since attending a lecture about environmental change, I have decided to do the best I can to reduce my impact on the world. I called in a company which specialises in green energy and environmental protection. They assessed my home and made some recommendations. I decided to have a solar panel and water heater installed on the roof of my property. I am really pleased with how these are performing.