The Importance Of Properly Maintained Fire Extinguishers

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Fire protection is a crucial aspect of overall building safety. Fire extinguishers are part of the equipment you need for fire safety. They are the first fire-fighting tools that the occupants of your building will use to fight a breakout. If yours remain in excellent condition, the fire will be a localized and easily manageable incident. Poorly maintained extinguishers can lead to severe fire damage. Here are other reasons why maintaining fire extinguishers is critical to building safety. 

They Minimize Property Damage

A lot of damage follows a fire incident, especially when you cannot control it. For example, if a fire breaks out in the break room of an office setup, someone can put it off with a functional extinguisher. However, if the extinguisher is poorly maintained, they might not put out the fire on time. An uncontrolled fire can bring down entire sections of buildings and also damage office appliances and furniture. Fire often comes with smoke and soot damage, rendering some equipment useless. Therefore, installing a functional extinguisher is an effective way to avoid these losses. 

They Help With Insurance Claims

It is also advisable to consider what the insurer would say if a fire broke out on your premises. Part of the compensation process is assessing whether you had created the ideal measures to prevent the damage. You might have a challenge getting the insurer to cooperate if they find that you did not have functional fire-fighting systems. Sometimes, the insurers interpret this as negligence, which can affect the compensation you will get once the adjustor comprehensively assesses your system. 

They Give Peace Of Mind

Many employees worry about the safety of their surroundings. One of the ways to offer people peace of mind is by putting the recommended safety measures in place. For example, fire extinguishers are a gentle reminder that building occupants have a chance to fight and get out unharmed if a fire breaks out. 

They Protect The Environment

Few people think about the role fire extinguishers play in protecting the environment. Uncontrolled fires damage the environment in various ways. The smoke contaminates the environment by increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. The extinguishing and clean-up process also leads to excessive use of chemicals that are toxic to the environment.

Speak to the fire department and other relevant bodies to help you install functional fire extinguishers in your environment. With their help, you can safeguard your building from unnecessary losses and damages.


24 August 2022

Thinking About The Environment

If you are interested in saving the planet, you are in the right place. It is all too easy to go through life without giving your impact on the environment a second thought. I used to be like that. However, since attending a lecture about environmental change, I have decided to do the best I can to reduce my impact on the world. I called in a company which specialises in green energy and environmental protection. They assessed my home and made some recommendations. I decided to have a solar panel and water heater installed on the roof of my property. I am really pleased with how these are performing.