3 Solar Energy System Options For You


Do you intend to install solar panels on the new home that you are building? Read on and discover some of the solar energy systems that you may be expected to select from when you contact solar panel suppliers.

Off-Grid Systems

An off-gird solar energy system is a system that is intended to make the users independent from the power grid of utility companies. The system has batteries that store any excess energy generated. The stored power is used during the hours when the panels are unable to generate power, such as at night or on cloudy days.

This system is suitable for those who are based in rural locations where access to the power grid is difficult. Off-grid systems are also good for homes with minimal energy needs, such as homes that don't have many appliances that run on electricity. However, it may be wise for you to install a generator on your property so that you can still have power when the panels are unable to work due to unfavourable weather.

Grid Inter-Tied Solar Systems

A grid inter-tied solar energy system allows you to access solar energy as well energy from the utility grid. This system is cost-effective to install because you don't need many components. For example, you will not have to include batteries in the items you buy when installing this system. The system allows you to sell any excess solar energy to the utility company. This can offset your costs during those hours when you use power from the grid.

Grid Inter-Tied Battery Systems

The third kind of solar energy system is an improvement upon the grid inter-tied system. The grid inter-tied battery system has power storage batteries that can provide power during those times when there is an outage, yet the panels cannot generate energy. The batteries do the work that a generator does in off-grid systems.

The grid inter-tied battery system is costly for several reasons. First, it requires a lot of system components (unlike the basic grid inter-tied system). Secondly, the cost of labour may be higher since the system is complicated and takes plenty of time to install.

The decisions that you have to make go beyond selecting a system. You also have to consider other factors, such as where the panels will be installed (rooftop or on the ground, for example) and the size of the panels that can deliver enough power for your home. Discuss your needs with a solar energy expert. That person will assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate system and components to address those needs.


26 February 2018

Thinking About The Environment

If you are interested in saving the planet, you are in the right place. It is all too easy to go through life without giving your impact on the environment a second thought. I used to be like that. However, since attending a lecture about environmental change, I have decided to do the best I can to reduce my impact on the world. I called in a company which specialises in green energy and environmental protection. They assessed my home and made some recommendations. I decided to have a solar panel and water heater installed on the roof of my property. I am really pleased with how these are performing.